The Main Benefits of Using the E Cigarette


In 2001 when Hon Lik watched his father slowly die of smoking

related illness, he decided that not only should he kick his own

40-a-day habit but also use his background as a pharmacist and inventor

to create a safer cigarette. In 2004 the first commercial electronic

cigarette was sold. Although it was only available in China, it was a

revolution that won Hon Lik the Kcancer award for services helping

prevent people get cancer.


The electronic cigarette does not burn tobacco, so you are getting

none of the harmful effects of inhaling tobacco smoke like in real

cigarettes. Instead it uses a blend of chemicals which vaporize when

heated to produce a thick water vapor with a consistency almost like

real smoke. However, since it is just water it doesn’t contain any tar,

carbon monoxide and hundreds of other chemicals found in real cigarette

smoke. There are still harmful chemicals, nicotine being one of them,

but much less than in real cigarettes.

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With governments around the world clamping down on cigarette smokers,

taxes on tobacco are increasing many times faster than inflation. As a

result, the average pack of cigarettes no sells for about $6 and this is

only going to get more expensive. By contrast, the nicotine cartridge

used in an electronic cigarette, while it is more expensive, because it

lasts for much longer it works out to around $2 per pack at the current

prices. If you smoke one pack per day then you’ll be saving $28 per week

or $120 a month, which means the starter kit can pay for itself in just

one month.


One of the primary reasons people buy the electronic cigarette is

because it virtually eliminates the odor from traditional smoking. Some

brands like Green Smoke do a better job than others, but no one will

know that you had a smoke just before the client meeting. The smell of

smoke has many negative connotations, in fact it has been the driving

force for many people to give up smoking. An electronic cigarette means

that you never have to chew gum or spray liberal amounts of perfume



Finally, cigarettes have been implicated in some major fire

disasters. Simple things such as falling asleep with a lit cigarette or

discarding a cigarette which is still burning can cause catastrophic

damage and even loss of life. An electronic cigarette is powered by a

lithium ion battery and has no combustible parts meaning that there is

no risk of fire. A secondary consequence of this is that you don’t

require any ashtray and there is no ash than needs to be discarded.




Author: Charles Carry On

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